Halloween Safety Tips!

Now, I ask ya, who in the world has the time to blog every day? As you can clearly see, I’ve been much too busy to do so, especially since a nice BIG FAT computer crash! Lovely — just lovely!

No promises, but I’ll try to do better. If you check in daily — don’t waste your time. Ain’t gonna happen. The newsletters are still rather active though. BTW: If you haven’t visited Parent to Parent lately, jump over and come back. We still have some awesome contests up for your kids and who knows – maybe your little kiddo might be a winner of a $100.00 AMC Movie Gift Card! WHOOHOO! Check out the other contests including one just for fun for **MOMS** — have you heard of the new baby phonics craze? This specific contest is related to Mallory Lewis’ new Phonics 4 Babies DVD: Baby’s First Words. (Which I happen to love!) The first DVD in this amazing series, has already won several awards, including SIX from Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award! Now, that’s pretty darn hard to do! GO MALLY!

OK – on to Halloween Safety Tips!

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Hello Mallory and Lambchop! I just want to tell you about our experience with your music. We were in the audience in Ventura this summer, my husband and I grew up watching Lamb Chop and were excited to share this with our 2 yr old. We had to leave early when got fussy but you were so sweet about him starting to cry, lamb chop spoke to him a bit and we were thrilled. Despite our early departure Declan, our son, has been singing the up, down, in, out happy all the time song from that day on. Onc…
Moe family- Rolin, Becca and Declan