Some Thoughts about Mallory Lewis

Some Thoughts about Mallory Lewis

I had not met Mallory Lewis before two days ago. I knew her by reputation and everyone knows Lambchop. I booked her at the CL Hoover Opera House in Junction City Kansas to do a student performance and an evening show for the public. I have made my living in the Arts for many years but I have only been the Executive Director here for 7 months and Mallory was one of the first performers who have been booked by me. She opened our “For the Child in You” children’s series and as such was responsible for much of the tone and over-all implied quality of my new artistic leadership. Every professional instinct  I have told me I was on solid ground from the moment I met Mally. She is totally professional, immensely likeable and a pleasure to work with. Everyone at the Opera House fell in love with her from my staff, to the front of house to my technical crew. She embraced everyone. She made the whole process easy and a pleasure. That doesn’t always happen and when it does you know you are working with someone you want to rehire.

I gave Mallory two very different and potentially difficult assignments. She was supposed to have a 430 3-4 graders for her US History show but they sent 430 first and second graders. “Manifest destiny” explanations were just not going to work. Mallory reformatted her whole show on the fly and entranced the whole room including the teachers for the hour. Everyone left feeling they had been touched by the thrill of a live performance in a magical environment and that is what I am hoping to give these young people, many of whom had just had their first experience in a legitimate theatre of any kind. It became an experience that no technology can replace. They saw someone who created something in that hour that was just for them. No one left untouched. That’s what Mallory does. Make magic.

That evening she did her standard show that highlights Mallory, Lambchop and her mother Shari in clips and stories. It’s a very unique peak into the creative process and the emotions and talent that have swirled around Lambchop for years. The crowd was mostly adults but the kids who were there we tiny. Probably 3 to 5 year olds. I thought, “How do you keep the adults entertained and moved without having the little ones running up the isles?” Believe me, not just anyone could take that challenge and create an evening that worked on so many levels for everyone. As I stated, I didn’t know Mallory Lewis two days ago but believe me I know her now and she will be booked back and soon.

If there is any support I can provide you or give to anyone considering booking Mallory please use any part of this statement or ask for another specific one or give my information as a reference. or 785-238-3906. I not sure how you can let potential bookers know what they are missing if they don’t invest a very reasonable amount of time and money and get Mallory and Lambchop to their venue other than to say I personally guarantee they will get a return on that investment and they t will be saying something along the lines of “I didn’t know Mally two days ago but…”



Randal K West

Executive Director

CL Hoover Opera House

Junction City ,KS, 66441


Hello Mallory and Lambchop! I just want to tell you about our experience with your music. We were in the audience in Ventura this summer, my husband and I grew up watching Lamb Chop and were excited to share this with our 2 yr old. We had to leave early when got fussy but you were so sweet about him starting to cry, lamb chop spoke to him a bit and we were thrilled. Despite our early departure Declan, our son, has been singing the up, down, in, out happy all the time song from that day on. Onc…
Moe family- Rolin, Becca and Declan