To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop. Mallory Lewis debut her new show “Lamb Chop Loves America” at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar during Month of the Military Child in April 2012.

In short this event was a tremendous success. Ms. Lewis’ heart is definitely in the right place and has the best interest of our service members and their families at heart. “Lamb Chop Loves America” show brings history to life for the kindergartner through the 5th grade student utilizing music, laughter, multi-media backgrounds and audience participation. Lamb Chop creates a fun and interactive way of learning about our nation’s history from the pilgrims to the present, reinforcing what kids have learned in their history classes at school. Parents also enjoy the show as they relive their experiences/memories with Lamb Chop from Cheri Lewis’ television shows.

Ms. Lewis is very professional and an enthusiastic performer/person. Her one hour performance is professional and full of energy. The spirit continues beyond the stage as Ms. Lewis and Lamb Chop personally greet, thank and sign autographs for audience members following the show.

If you are looking for a family oriented show or a performance for the kids at the Youth Center, I would urge you consider having Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop be a part of your program.

MCAS Miramar will host Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop for an encore performance of “Lamp Chop Loves America” and “A Lamp Chop Celebration” in June 2012.

Denise Fairbanks

Special Events Manager, Marine Corps Community Services

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Dear colleagues:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter about Mallory Lewis and Lamp Chop and her new performing arts center show. I had the privilege to present Mallory and Lamp Chop as part of our Family Series at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, and it was an incredible experience for the audience and everyone involved with the show. People loved the show and thought Mallory was very enjoyable to watch onstage.

First and foremost, the show itself is a great family show and has appeal to all ages. Each of us has different memories and/or experiences with Lamp Chop, whether it be memories of watching Shari Lewis with Lamp Chop on TV or seeing Mallory (Shari’s daughter) and Lamp Chop live on stage. With this show, we were treated to both via video clips of Shari incorporated into the show and the incredibly talented Mallory Lewis onstage with Lamp Chop. The quality of the performance was top notch and enjoyed by children, parents and grandparents!

Secondly, Mallory is a consummate professional and one of the easiest shows to load in. She comes with sound and video prepped for performance, straight forward lighting cues and notes, and it was a very easy set-up that looked great during the performance. Mallory provided good materials (both technical and marketing) prior to the performance dates and was great about doing PR and promotional activities for the event including radio interviews and more.

One of my favorite moments during the show is when Mallory would bring children up on stage and interact with them through Lamp Chop. She led them in two songs onstage where the children were singing and dancing and it was wonderful!

On top of a great show and a wonderful working experience, Mallory was amazing at engaging with people offstage as well. We were walking to the car on the day before the show when this older woman recognized Mallory and turned to her daughter and said, “Oh, look , it’s the lady with Lamp Chop.” Mallory stopped to chat with the two women and reached into her travel case and brought out Lamp Chop, and the four of them stood there talking for almost 10 minutes. As the conversation ended, Mallory hugged both ladies and we said goodbye and got in the car. It was wonderful to watch this top flight artist who loves her work and loves to connect with people share stories about Lamp Chop and her mom with these two ladies in the parking lot without any hesitation.

To conclude, I would highly recommend Mallory Lewis and Lamp Chop for any performing arts center, family series, school show and more. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of assistance on Ms. Lewis’s behalf. Thank you.

David Rowell

Former Executive Director

Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT

Hello Mallory and Lambchop! I just want to tell you about our experience with your music. We were in the audience in Ventura this summer, my husband and I grew up watching Lamb Chop and were excited to share this with our 2 yr old. We had to leave early when got fussy but you were so sweet about him starting to cry, lamb chop spoke to him a bit and we were thrilled. Despite our early departure Declan, our son, has been singing the up, down, in, out happy all the time song from that day on. Once he really grasped what the word “happy” meant, he started using the song to tell us when he is happy. When we got his toddler bed set up where his crib used to be he climbed on and started singing that song. It touches our hearts so deeply and we wanted you both to know what a wonderful impact you had on our family. I know that much of the satisfaction of entertainment is creating a lasting effect on your audience and you certainly accomplished that with us.
We can’t wait to see you again next year. Til then, hope you are happy all the time!

Moe family- Rolin, Becca and Declan

Dear Mallory and Lamb Chop,

I wanted to write you this letter in hopes that it reaches you with all of my warm wishes and words. I wanted to not only thank you all (Shari included) for not only helping me to become who I am today, but for continuing the legacy and message Lamb Chop brings to our world.

Growing up in the 80’s, my parents would happily pop in our favorite Shari Lewis videos and record all of our loved Play Along episodes. Why? Because my parents believed that the wholesomely good message Shari and the gang displayed would help us grow to be good people with good values. My older brother would pretend to be Charlie Horse, my parents always called my little sister Lambchop, and I was the great Hush Puppy.

What I loved the most about watching these shows was that it taught me that it was okay to have fun, be creative, express yourself, and smile. My first dream job was to be the voice over for Hush Puppy.. I even do voices for all of my friends and voicemail! 🙂

I am so excited to see that you are continuing the awesomeness that is Lambchop and Friends. I am a California resident and I truly hope that I have a chance to personally meet you, see a show and Lambchop live! I’d love to take a photo with her and you!

I truly so feel that heroes and role models like Lambchop, Shari, and even you have helped people like me grow up with a desire to make a difference. I am currently an ESL teacher and always use Lamb Chop as a reference to American culture. I was also a music teacher and I would teach my students all of the great songs from, “Don’t Wake Your Mom” and so on!

I truly hope this letter gets to you and I would love to meet you some time for a photo and autograph! Thank you so much for being my heroes and a big inspiration to me!



I know your Hush Puppy voice ( and Shari’s) blows my own imitation out of the water! You ladies are my heroes! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! If you can let me know when you will make any public appearances around the Southern California area, I would appreciate it!

Stephanie Morales

Just wanted you to know that we missed you this year at the Wisconsin State Fair. We have been coming to see you for years and the kids and grandkids so enjoy your show. One year Katrina got a lambchop puppet and you were so kind to autograph it and be in a picture with her. Last year we brought you the Mallory and the Wild things CD and you told us it was filmed in your backyard and your jeep was your son’s toy. You signedthe CD and posed for pictures with it and all of us. We understand how performing in CA is exciting and closer to your home but don’t forget Wisconsin’s state fair next year!


Hi Mallory,
I used to watch your mother (amazing woman) when I was a youngster – it was one of my childhood memories.
I just wanted to say that it’s great how you’re keeping the magic alive!

Best regardsJordan Letkemann

Hi Mallory,

WOW!!! What a fantastic show, I was really impressed with how much Lambchop and Hush Puppy sounded just like they did 15 years ago! Your Mom would have been thrilled to watch your performance and of course so would have Dom Deluise, who encouraged you.

I loved your energy and the way you held both Lamb Chop and Hush Puppy, cradled in your arms, it looked natural. And like a good Ventriloquist does, you never moved your lips!! In fact, of all the present Ventriloquists in the world, you are the best with out a doubt!!

Bye for now Mallory.

With LoveRay

I saw one of the shows at the Ventura Co. Fair this year at the Seabreeze stage.and was tossed back to my childhood. I sat down front just like you suggested and thought I was watching Shari.
Your Mom is smiling down I’m sure. Lamb Chop hasn’t aged a bit and still has the vitality she always has had. And I must say that I was smitten all over again by you and yours. I sure did miss seeing Hush Puppy and Charlie Horse though. Did they retire? A Renewed Fan,


“Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop are a true class act. They appeal to both the young and old. Once you’ve seen one of Mallory’s shows you’ll walk away with a wonderful memory and also feeling like you have just acquired a new best friend.”
– Tonya Cook, Special Events Director, Iowa State Fair

Tanya - via Email:

“This is a recommendation for “The Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop Show” for those who may be thinking of having her come to your event. I am the Stage Manager for the Fun Forest Stage at the Iowa State Fair and we had Mallory and Lamb Chop for our 11 day event this past August. I have worked with many artists in my 32 years at the Iowa State Fair and Mallory is one of the best! She is professional, prompt and inventive! When the rain came….she adjusted, when the heat came…she adjusted, she always put the audience first!

Mallory comes ready to perform with just a quick sound check and some easy instructions. She is always ready and waiting for her show to begin and is willing to talk and take pictures with audience members afterwards. She was so sensitive to all of the people who grew up watching Lamb Chop and is careful with their memories. One of the great things about her performance is that she is so reachable. People feel like they know her when she is done, and that she is so happy to meet everyone!

Mallory is a great performer, a wonderful person, and a stellar entertainer! I could not recommend her more highly! Over 20,000 people attended her shows during the 2010 Iowa State Fair! She drew consistant full house audiences and appealed to both young and old alike! Lambchop has never looked so good! “

Gwynne - via Email:

“I was surfing the net and was checking on hollywood obits and ran across your mother’s. I loved your mom so much. Watched her shows when I was a kid and she was a genius and a beautiful and talented woman. I’m sure you miss her dearly. Just wanted to say that and say your mom would be very proud of you. Thank you for continue her work.”

Lindy - via Email:

“I was a fan of Lamb Chop when I was a kid, and I just got finished reading the whole story about your mom and I read about you, too. I strongly approve of your keeping Lamb Chop alive, I think that’s amazing. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!”

Dan - via Facebook: